Education Qur'an Programs Part-Time Hifzh Program (College Park MD)


The purpose of the Part-Time Hifzh Program is to help students of all ages learn how to memorize the Qur’an, and get into the habit of memorizing consistently. Students are expected to know how to read from the Qur’an fluently and are taught basic skills of memorizing the Qur’an. Students are also introduced to the overall structure of the Full-Time Hifzh School. We recommend that students stay in this program until they have memorized between 5 and 10 Juz from the Qur’an.


Age Limit:

The minimum age limit to join this program is 8 years. Students under the age of 8 may be admitted on a case-by-case basis and are put on a probationary period of two weeks.


Class Size:

Class size is limited to 8-10 students only.  After that, students are placed on a waiting list and contacted once space becomes available in the class.


Tution Agreement:

Students will NOT be able to attend class unless a tuition agreement is filled out and submitted with payment. Please see the "Fees and Financial Policies" section for more information.


Class Schedule

Boys (8-14 years): Monday & Wednesday, 4 pm – 6 pm

Girls (8 years and up): Tuesday & Thursday, 4 pm – 6 pm



Students must be able to read the Qur'an with reasonable fluency before entering the program.  All students will be placed on a two-week probationary period.  If, after the two-week period, the teacher determines that the student is unable to continue in the program because of a lack of fluency in reading (or for any other reason), the student will be asked to withdraw from the program.

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