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Parent-Teacher Support Group - PTSG

Our Mission:

Promote Islamic-oriented activities outside regular school periods that emphasize the teaching of Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Our Purpose:

Support and enhance the mission of Al-Huda School, and to promote a forum for constructive interchange of information and ideas. Provide financial and other support for school activities.

Our Goals:

  • Support the highest academic standards and excellence for our children and school.
  • Develop community among parents to support Islamic activities
  • Help the students in upholding Islamic values when interacting with his peers and community
  • Improve communication between parents and teachers in striving for academic excellence within the Islamic norms


PTSG will be supported by committees that serve special purposes. The initial committees will be:


  • After-school Committe;
  • Educational Committee;
  • Outreach Committee; and
  • Volunteering Committee;
  • Events Committee.

These committees will collaborate with each other and will coordinate with PTSG for approvals.

Preliminary goals and tasks for each committee are shown below.

Supporting Committees:


After-School Activities committee

Goal: Develop and Implement after-school activities to improve students’ academic performance and enhance their social skills

Key Tasks:

  • Identify preliminary after-school activities that meet the school’s academic and social goals
  • Seek inputs and comments from the parents through a survey, meetings, or a suggestion box
  • Present and discuss candidate activities with PTSG for approval
  • Develop a detailed plan for approved activities
  • Assign a champion to oversee each activity
  • Implement the activities while setting up performance measures and
  • Provide continuous updates to the PTSG to assess progress


Educational/Tutor committee

Goal: Develop and implement educational and tutorial programs to assist students in improving their academic performance

Key Tasks:

  • Identify educational and tutorial needs through surveys, suggestion box, emails, and meetings
  • Identify a pool of volunteers to assist in tutoring for each discipline and grade level
  • Develop a database with the volunteer name, background, expertise, and availability
  • Identify the mode of tutoring (i.e. one on one, classroom-type, live meeting over the web, pre-recorded lessons, etc.)
  • Develop an educational and tutorial plan that shows need and how it can be mapped to the volunteer
  • Present and discuss plan with PTSG for approval
  • Identify a leader for the program
  • Implement a pilot program focusing on few disciplines
  • Assess monthly feedback from students and parents
  • Expend the program as needed
  • Present and discuss candidate activities with PTSG for approval


Outreach Committee:

Goal: Facilitate the exchange of information between parents, teacher, school management, and the rest of the community. Serve as an outlet for communicating.

Key Tasks:

  • Identify communication needs through community-wide survey
  • Develop a plan of communication that involves:
    • Scope of communication:
      • School activities,
      • Event announcements,
      • Future school plans,
      • Parents concerns,
      • Academic achievements, and
      • Fundraising activities
    • Mode of communication:
      • Newsletter
      • Events Calendar
      • Website
      • Bulletin Boards
      • Email
    • Frequency of communication
    • Targeted Audience:
      • Students
      • Parents
      • Internal Community
      • Community at Large
  • Present and discuss plan with PTSG for scrutiny and approval
  • Identify the lead person and supporting staff
  • Monitor progress and update PTSG

Volunteers committee

Goal: Develop a pool of volunteers to assist and promote school’s activities and educational endeavor. Enhance the culture of volunteering by taping into and effectively employ the community’s skills and expertise for advancement of the community.

Key Tasks:

  • Conduct a well-structured survey to identify volunteers and categorize by skills, expertise, location, willingness, and availability
  • Develop a database structure for PTSG review and approval
  • Develop a user-friendly and scalable database that document the data gathered
  • Present the database to the PTSG
  • Incorporate the database within PTSG webpage for the use by PTSG members and school
  • Develop a protocol to communicate with the volunteers and call on them when need arise
  • Develop and present a quarterly report on volunteering activities in the community


Events committee

Goal: Develop, plan, and organize events that energize the students and parents. Promote events that advance the school’s educational programs, encourage Islamic activities within the community, and help sharing Islamic values with non-Muslims.

Key Tasks:

  • Gather events ideas from the teachers, students, and parents through suggestion box and email list
  • Organize and categorize event ideas (i.e. special events like charity events or excursion may be separate from potential recurring events such as Halaqa or sport activities)
  • Present list of candidate events to the PTSG for discussion and comments
  • Work with communication committee and the volunteering committee to develop a plan for each specific event and identify the potential individual to lead the events
  • Provide monthly update to the PTSG about the monthly event calendar, monthly theme, and the plan with the staff and resources needed


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